The Best Frozen Pizza with the Lowest Sodium

Finding a frozen pizza with the lowest sodium can be tricky. This roundup lists some of the best low and lower sodium frozen pizza options.

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If you’ve been missing the convenience of frozen pizzas since you started your low sodium lifestyle, this list of the best frozen pizza with the lowest sodium is for you! These pizzas are the perfect find for a quick and relatively healthy meal for busy nights and easy lunches.

Most pizzas are high in sodium, which is why they are included on the Salty Six list, six foods we love that are extremely high in sodium. The high sodium content is due to the salt typically found in the crust, canned sauce, and salty toppings like pepperoni and sausage. 

If you don’t have time or energy to make my Homemade Low Sodium Pizza Crust, check out my list of the Best Low Sodium Store Bought Pizza Crusts. My Chicken Margherita Pizza and Pizza with Italian Sausage & Peppers are also delicious, low sodium options. Watch the web story here.

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The Best Frozen Pizza with the Lowest Sodium

These frozen pizzas contain less than 500 mg sodium per serving. Serving sizes vary depending on the size of the pizza, so I’ve included the serving size in grams so you can choose the option that will work best for you.

Dare to Be Different Roasted Tomato Broccoli Crust Pizza – 140 mg per ½ pizza (85 grams)

Lean Cuisine Features Thin Crust BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza – 280 mg per pizza (170 grams)

Meijer Pizzeria Thin Crust White Pizza  – 380 mg per ⅓ pizza (121 grams)

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Vegan Frozen Pizza –  330 mg per ⅓ pizza (134 grams)

Lean Cuisine Protein Kick Spinach & Mushroom Frozen Pizza – 340 mg per pizza (173 grams)

Sweet Earth Truffle Lover’s Frozen Pizza – 350 mg per ⅓ pizza (125 grams)

California Pizza Kitchen Margherita Gluten Free Frozen Pizza – 400 mg per ⅓ pizza (112 grams)

Amy’s Spinach Veggie Crust Pizza – 470 mg per ⅓ pizza (113 grams)

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Mushroom Pizza – 480mg per ⅓ pizza (125 grams)

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