60-Minute Low Sodium Coaching Session


This personalized and informative session is designed to help you start or maintain your low sodium journey with confidence. Chef Danielle will share practical tips and techniques she’s learned in her six-year low sodium journey so you can thrive, not just survive.

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Unlock a healthier lifestyle with a 60-Minute Low Sodium Coaching Session! Learn practical, life-changing tips from Chef Danielle to help you thrive on your low sodium journey with ease and confidence. We’ll tackle your three biggest challenges with low sodium living and more!

Chef Danielle will help you:

Eliminate the guesswork, learn strategies to start and confidently manage and maintain your low sodium lifestyle.

Transform your diet without compromising on flavor or satisfaction. 

Learn how to monitor your sodium intake, stock your low sodium kitchen, and read low sodium labels.

Learn the questions you should ask your doctor.

You’ll get:

Personalized Strategies to Reduce Sodium in Your Diet

Practical Tips for Stocking Your Low Sodium Pantry

Low-Sodium Shopping Tips 

Action Plan for Tackling Your Biggest Low Sodium Challenges


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