Low Sodium Ranch Dressing with Greek Yogurt

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Low Sodium Ranch Dressing with Greek Yogurt is the creamiest, dreamiest ranch of all of our low sodium dreams! It’s perfect for salads and as a dip for your next veggie tray, all for only 91 mg of sodium per serving!

low sodium ranch dressing with vegetables

I enjoy a little salad with my dressing. My ratio of salad to dressing has always been one part salad to five parts dressing. What can I say? I like my condiments! And a good ranch dressing is no exception.

I stopped buying most bottled salad dressings when I went to culinary school and learned how easy it is to make them from scratch. I could control all of the flavors and ingredients that went into them. My husband, however, still craved the taste of bottled ranch. When our family went low sodium, I was shocked to learn how much sodium just two tablespoons of bottled ranch dressing contained and relieved when I whisked up this lower sodium version. A 2-tablespoon serving of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing contains 260 mg of sodium, and Kraft Classic Ranch Lite Salad Dressing contains 340 mg per 2-tablespoon serving. This version contains only 90 mg of sodium per serving.

It’s all the things I love about ranch – creamy, a little tangy, and bursting with herbs and spices. As always, when you’re making dishes from scratch, you can adjust the ingredients to suit your tastes and sodium requirements. For a thinner dressing, add more water until it’s the consistency you want.

Mise en Place

Here’s what you need to make it:

Plain Greek Yogurt

Mayonnaise (buy the lowest sodium version available to you)

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Fresh or Dried Dill

Fresh or Dried Chives

Salt Free Seasoning

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ingredients for low sodium ranch on an orange background


Medium Bowl


How to Make Low Sodium Ranch Dressing with Greek Yogurt 

Combine all ingredients together in a medium bowl.

ingredients for low sodium ranch in a bowl

Whisk until well-mixed. If you want a thinner dressing, whisk water in a tablespoon at a time until dressing is your desired consistency.

low sodium ranch dressing in bowl with whisk

Variations on a Delicious Theme

I use garlic powder and onion powder because they’re easy and I always have them on hand. You can substitute them with minced garlic and onion, if you prefer. Keep in mind that the flavor of raw garlic and onion will get stronger the longer they sit. Taste your dressing just before serving to make sure you don’t need to adjust the flavors.

I love the creaminess that comes from using equal parts Greek yogurt and mayonnaise. If you want to reduce the sodium per serving even further, you can use all Greek yogurt or 3 parts Greek yogurt to 1 part mayo. 

Replace the salt free seasoning with my Salt Free Taco Seasoning for a southwest-inspired ranch.

low sodium ranch dressing surrounded by veggies

Low Sodium Ranch Dressing with Greek Yogurt FAQs

  1. Should I use low fat or full fat Greek yogurt?

This one’s up to you! My primary concern when choosing ingredients is sodium content. I’ve made this dressing with both low fat and full fat yogurt and don’t notice a significant difference in taste or consistency, so if you’re looking to lower your fat intake you won’t sacrifice taste or consistency with low fat yogurt.

  1. Will vanilla yogurt work?

Unless you want a vanilla-flavored dressing, skip the vanilla yogurt. Vanilla and plain are not the same thing. Vanilla yogurt has a vanilla flavoring added to it. Plain does not, making it the better choice to allow the flavors of the spices and other ingredients to shine through.

  1. How long will this dressing last?

Store this dressing in an airtight container in the fridge for up to one week.

  1. Can I use this dressing as a dip?

I highly recommend using this dressing as a delicious dip for your next veggie platter or as an accompaniment to a cheese plate. It’s thick, creamy (thank you, mayo), the perfect consistency for dipping.

5. Can I use dried herbs instead of fresh?

Fresh herbs give this dressing a bright flavor but you can use dried herbs instead if you don’t have fresh on hand. Instead of 1 tablespoon each of fresh chives and dill use 1 teaspoon each of the dried version.

Watch the web story here.

low sodium ranch dressing with veggies

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  1. This absolutely amazing. It’s truly delicious and tastes like ranch dressing that I would buy. What do you think about using it to coat a piece of cod fish then baking it?
    Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe.

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