The Best Low Sodium Pickles

You don’t have to give up pickles if you’re living a low sodium lifestyle! Check out this list of the best low sodium pickles you can buy!

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Navigating a low sodium lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your favorite foods. While some things may be off limits, depending on your doctor’s instructions and daily sodium limits, low sodium versions of many foods are available at your grocery store and online. I was thrilled to find low and lower sodium pickles to satisfy my husband’s occasional pickle craving. (Click here for more low sodium snack ideas!)

Standard pickles can be extremely high in sodium, and lower sodium options make it possible for him to enjoy pickles on his burger or alongside a sandwich. Vlasic Large Kosher Dill Wholes contain 220 mg sodium per serving, which is half a pickle, according to their website. That means one pickle would use up more than 400 mg of your daily sodium limit. 

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The Best Low Sodium Pickles 

This list includes pickle options containing 200 mg or less per serving. Serving sizes vary, so be sure to check the labels before purchasing. Most have sodium count for a 1-oz serving, which can be ⅔ to ¾ of a pickle or spear depending on the brand. Watch the web story here.

Healthy Heart Market No Salt Bread & Butter Pickle Chips – 0 mg 

Byler’s Spicy Bread & Butter Pickles – 65 mg per 1-oz

Rick’s Picks The People’s Pickle Garlic Dill Pickle Slices – 70 mg

Hy-Vee Reduced Sodium Kosher Dill Pickle Spears – 100 mg per 1-oz

Rick’s Picks Classic Sours Low Sodium Dill Pickle Spears – 110 mg per oz

Byler’s Relish House 16 oz. Sweet Dill Pickles – 120 mg per oz

Byler’s Relish House 16 oz. Sweet Fire Dill Pickles – 120 mg per oz

Whole Foods Organic Shelf-Stable Dill Pickles Reduced Sodium  – 130 mg per oz

Vlasic Lightly Salted Kosher Dill Pickle Spears – 150 mg per 1-oz

Mt. Olive Hint of Salt Old Fashioned Bread & Butter Chips Reduced Sodium – 160 mg per 1-oz serving

Wegmans Reduced Sodium Kosher Dill Spears – 190 mg per 1-oz 

Mt. Olive Hint of Salt Kosher Dill Spears – 200 mg per serving

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  1. I love reading your listings. it is really helpful to has made eating more enjoyable . I look forward to cooking again. Thanks to you.

  2. Thanks. Have to reduce sodium due to high B/p and chronic kidney disease. Learning to cook good tasting foods is challenging now.

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