The Best Low Sodium Store Bought Pizza Crust

Store bought pizza crust can make pizza night a breeze, but finding low sodium crusts can be tricky. This list of the best low sodium store bought pizza crusts will help you find the best choices.

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Pizza lovers rejoice! If you’re missing pizza because most can be full of sodium, this list of store bought pizza crusts is for you! Pizza makes the list of the Salty Six (six foods we love that are high in sodium) not only because of the sodium in toppings like pepperoni and sausage but also due to the sodium in the crust. 

One-sixth of the crust from a Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust tube contains 380 mg of sodium. One slice of Safeway’s Signature Select Original Pizza Crust contains 280 mg per serving. If you’re not careful with your toppings, one slice of pizza can blow through your daily sodium limit.

You can still enjoy a slice or two with the right ingredients. While most prepared crusts might exceed your daily sodium limit, these low sodium options make pizza a delicious possibility again!

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Tips for Making Your Own Low Sodium Pizza 

If you have the time and energy to make your own low sodium pizza, check out my easy Homemade Low Sodium Pizza Crust recipe. It contains only 8 mg of sodium in the entire crust. Top it with my Easy Low Sodium Tomato Sauce. Use fresh mozzarella or replace half of your shredded mozzarella with a lower sodium Swiss cheese to reduce the sodium content.

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The Best Low Sodium Store Bought Pizza Crust

If you’re searching for a low sodium pizza crust in your grocery store or online, this list will get you started in the right direction. 

365 Whole Foods Market Organic Thin & Crispy Rustic White Pizza Crusts – 40 mg per crust

Simple Truth Organic Classic Thin & Crispy Vegan Pizza Crust – 40 mg per ⅓ crust

Market Pantry Original Pizza Crusts – 40 mg per slice

O Organics Personal Pizza Crusts Thin & Crispy – 55 mg per crust

Pastorelli Traditional Ultra Thin Pizza Crust – Low Sodium – 80 mg per slice

Golden Throne Ultra Thin Pizza Crust – Dollar Tree – 90 mg per crust

Market Pantry Ultra Thin Flatbread Pizza Crusts – 105 mg per crust

Good and Gather Organic Ultra Thin Pizza Crust – 115 mg per crust

Banza Frozen Chickpea Plain Pizza Crust  – 135 mg per ¼ crust

365 by Whole Foods Market Whole Wheat Thin & Crispy Pizza Crust – 180 mg per crust

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