Low Sodium Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice

Add this Low Sodium Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice to your dinner rotation!  With 281 mg of sodium per serving, it's significantly lower in sodium than any restaurant version.


Vegetable Oil Eggs Garlic Ginger Green Onions

Frozen Vegetables Cooked Rice Coconut Aminos Sesame Oil

Coconut Aminos is the ingredient that gives this recipe the flavor we love.  Made from the nectar of the coconut plant, it's a lower sodium substitution for soy sauce.

1 T Soy Sauce = more than 800 mg of sodium 1 T Coconut Aminos = 270 mg of sodium

This recipe contains 281 mg sodium per 1¼ cup serving. It's a splurge for some, but pair it with a low sodium protein and you have a filling and tasty meal for well under 500 mg of sodium.

Use coconut aminos as a lower sodium swap for soy sauce, but use it with care to avoid exceeding your daily sodium limits.

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