How to Stock Your Pantry with Low Sodium Foods

Stocking your pantry with low sodium items and getting rid of high sodium foods and snacks are excellent ways to set yourself, and your pantry, up for success.

Stocking your low sodium pantry begins in the grocery store.  For every trip to the grocery store, remember the two Ls of low sodium shopping – location and labels.

Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store, the outside walls, or the aisles where fresh, unprocessed foods are sold.  The perimeter is home to produce, dairy, fresh meats, poultry, and seafood.

Checking the labels of every single item before you purchase it is the best way to keep your kitchen low sodium, even when shopping the store’s perimeter.

Be careful of Lower Sodium labels.  These items aren’t necessarily low in sodium; they just have less than the regular version of that product.

Look for items marked No Salt Added or Salt-Free for the best options.

These commonly used foods will get your low sodium pantry off to an excellent start. You can also fill in your favorite low sodium items or brands.

Choose fresh fruits and vegetables when possible. Frozen is the next best option.

Most frozen vegetables are minimally processed, and unless they have a sauce or seasoning added, they are good low sodium options.

If you prefer buying canned fruits and vegetables, look for fruits in no or lite syrup, and No Salt Added canned vegetables.

Choose fresh, lean cuts of meat and poultry and seafood without seasonings or marinades.  You can prepare your own low sodium version at home.

 Check the label on frozen seafood to ensure it hasn’t been injected with a high sodium preservative. Ask store employee for nutrition info before you purchase if the seafood is not labeled.

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