How to Reduce Sodium in Your Diet

Learning how to reduce sodium in your diet doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are six simple tips to help you reduce sodium in your diet.

Learn to Read Labels If you’re buying packaged or processed foods, this is important because tons of sodium is added to foods you might not expect.

Learn to Read Labels Learning to read labels will help you identify and avoid those secret sources of sodium.

Choose No Salt Added Canned Goods Sodium is often added to canned foods as a preservative. No Salt Added products have only the sodium naturally present in these foods.

Look for Low Sodium or No Salt Added Condiments and Sauces Condiments and sauces, like ketchup and soy sauce, typically have a high sodium content. Check the labels before purchasing.

Buy Fresh Foods Fresh fruits and vegetables are naturally lower in sodium than those sold in cans.

Buy Frozen Vegetables Frozen vegetables don't need the sodium-filled preservatives used to extend quality and shelf life.  Avoid frozen vegetables with sauces, as the sauces can be high in sodium.

Explore the Spice Rack Herbs and spices are excellent ways to add flavor to food without adding sodium.  Experiment with spices you haven’t tried before.

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