How to Reduce Sodium in Foods High in Sodium

Reducing the sodium content in high sodium foods is easier than you think. I’m sharing tips that might enable you to enjoy some of your favorite foods in moderation again.

This information is intended to offer general information for individuals looking to lead a low sodium lifestyle. This information DOES NOT follow or endorse any specific medical guidelines for your health and diet needs or individual sodium restrictions. Check with your doctor or other medical professional to obtain guidance for your individual sodium and dietary needs.

If you have a pantry or fridge full of foods that are no longer healthy for you to eat, a simple process called demineralization can make these items safer for you.

Demineralization is the process of removing certain minerals, in this case, sodium, from foods high in salt. It uses water, temperature, and time to remove excess sodium from foods.

To demineralize foods, you rinse or soak them in water for a specific amount of time.  The temperature of the water and the amount of time you rinse or soak them will vary depending on the food.

You can demineralize high sodium foods like canned beans, canned vegetables, bacon, hot dogs, and ham.

Reports found boiling hot dogs in water for 7 minutes can reduce up to 60% of the sodium.  Click below for step-by-step instructions from NxStage Kidney Care on demineralizing hot dogs. reports that soaking your ham can remove 30-50% of the sodium. Click below for their instructions on demineralizing ham.

The Bean Institute reports draining canned beans and rinsing them in cool water for 10 seconds can remove as much as 40% of the sodium.  Click below for step-by-step instructions.

Demineralizing food causes it to spoil faster, so you need to cook, eat and refrigerate it within 24 hours.  You can also freeze your food to use at a later time.

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