High Sodium Drinks to Avoid

Newsflash! Many of our favorite drinks contain sodium, even water. Here are a few high sodium drinks to look out for before you raise a glass.

While sodium levels in most drinking water are minimal other beverages contain more than you might expect.

Vegetable juice is often promoted as a healthy way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, but a 12-oz serving of original V8 Vegetable Juice contains 960 mg of sodium.

Vegetable Juice

Sports drinks help maintain and restore hydration after a workout.  Sodium is added to make you want to drink more and it helps the body retain fluid, both of which are important for rehydration.

Sports Drinks

If you're watching your sodium intake, drinking a 20-oz bottle of Gatorade, which can contain more than 250 mg, can be problematic.

Sports Drinks

One packet of hot cocoa mix can contain more than 170 mg of sodium when mixed with water.

Hot Cocoa Mix

These are low enough that with some planning and adjusting your sodium intake throughout the day, you may enjoy them without trouble, but be mindful if you're tempted to have multiple servings.

Hot Cocoa Mix

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