Frozen vs Canned Vegetables

Which is Better for a Low Sodium Diet?

There is no wrong choice when it comes to vegetables, but if you’re on a low sodium diet choosing the lowest sodium option is essential to good health.

Frozen and canned veggies give you the benefit of having a variety of vegetables at your fingertips without worries about spoilage.

Frozen vegetables are usually blanched and flash frozen as soon as they are harvested, so they’re at peak flavor and nutritional value.

What You Should Know About Frozen Vegetables

Avoid frozen vegetables with sauces or seasonings. They are more likely to contain added preservatives and sodium.

What You Should Know About  Frozen Vegetables

Canned vegetables are an inexpensive, long-lasting option. They're also quick and easy to warm and serve.

What You Should Know About Canned Vegetables

Choose No Salt Added or Low Sodium canned veggies, if possible. Thoroughly rinse and soak regular canned veggies to reduce sodium.

What You Should Know About Canned Vegetables

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