The Best Store Bought Low Sodium Barbecue Sauce

Finding a good low sodium barbecue sauce is as easy as lighting up the grill with this list of the best store-bought options. See if your favorite made the cut!

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Barbecue sauce, like most processed and pre-packaged foods, can be a sneaky source of sodium. It’s not a food we think of as being salty, but sodium is added to enhance the flavor and as a preservative to extend the food’s shelf life. One two-tablespoon serving of Famous Dave’s Rich & Sass BBQ Sauce contains 360 mg sodium, and two tablespoons of Kraft Slow Simmered Original BBQ Sauce contains 350 mg sodium. If you’re on a 1500 mg daily limit, the sauce alone would take a huge chunk out of your day, so finding a tasty version is key.

If you have the time and energy to make your own sauce, my Homemade Low Sodium BBQ Sauce with Brown Sugar is simple, delicious, and freezes well. If you prefer a store-bought sauce, these sauces contain 80 mg sodium or less per serving. Watch the web story here.

BBQ Ribs brushed with bbq sauce

The Best Store Bought Options

Sodium Count Per 2 Tablespoon Serving

Doc’s Salt Free Barbecue Sauce – 0 mg sodium

Mrs. Taste Zero Sodium Barbecue Sauce – 0 mg sodium 

Sauce King Kansas City Low Sodium Barbecue Sauce – 0 mg sodium

Mr. Spice Organic Honey Barbecue Sauce – 5 mg 

The Old Kentucky Barbecue Sauce Original – 60 mg 

The Old Kentucky Barbecue Sauce Medium – 60 mg 

The Old Kentucky Barbecue Sauce Hot – 60 mg  

Wells Hog Heaven Barbecue Sauce – 65 mg   

Sgt. Hart’s Original Barbecue Sauce – 70 mg   

Truemade Foods Carolina Red BBQ Sauce – 75 mg   

Date Lady Barbecue Sauce – 72 mg   

Truemade Foods East Carolina Vinegar BBQ Mop Sauce – 80 mg    

barbecue sauce in small white bowl with red pastry brush

Per 1-oz Serving

Local Folks Foods Honey Bar-Bee-Q Sauce – 35 mg 

Local Folks Foods Apple Butta’ Bar-B-Q – 30 mg

Local Folks Foods Hab-A-Q Sauce – 35 mg

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