Southwest Chipotle Salt Free Seasoning Blend

Southwest Chipotle Salt Free Seasoning Blend

A lifetime of tasteless meals does not have to be on the menu if you’re eating a low sodium diet and this Southwest Chipotle Salt Free Seasoning Blend by Stonemill makes it easy to spice up your favorite dishes. Salt and pepper may be the basic seasonings many cooks rely on to add flavor to food but there are numerous spices, herbs and seasonings cooks can use to create delicious food without salt.

What Is It?

Southwest Chipotle Salt Free Seasoning Blend is just one of the salt free seasoning options available at Aldi. It’s a mix of all the herbs and spices that give us the chipotle flavor we love, like sweet chili peppers, chipotle chili peppers, cayenne, oregano, cumin, parsley, mustard, garlic onion, and citrus zest to name a few. Best of all, I can sprinkle it liberally without worry as there’s zero sodium in the mix!

Why I Love It

This blend makes it super simple to give your dishes the tasty southwest-inspired flare I love. It’s a key ingredient in my Low Sodium Turkey Chili and I also sprinkle it on everything from scrambled eggs to salads (It’s absolutely clutch in my Southwest Chicken Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing, which I’ll share with you soon.)

Marinades and rubs are a great way to infuse foods with flavor and adding a generous sprinkling of this blend to your marinades for chicken, shrimp, fish or beef will add a delicious layer of flavor.

Where to Find It

This brand is available at Aldi stores, but it’s not on shelves regularly. If you see it, grab a bottle or two. If you don’t have an Aldi near you, Mrs. Dash also has a Southwest Chipotle blend, which I haven’t tried but is likely also a good buy.

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