Low Sodium Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice

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Add this Low Sodium Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice to your dinner rotation! With 281 mg of sodium per serving, it’s significantly lower in sodium than any restaurant version. It’s a quick and easy-to-prepare splurge!

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You don’t have to eliminate your favorite Chinese foods from your low sodium lifestyle. Restaurant Chinese food is typically extremely high in sodium due to the high amounts of MSG and soy sauce used in most recipes. 

There are numerous homemade low or no-sodium soy sauce recipes available. (Hacking Salt has a great one here.) However, if you want a ready-made option on hand or don’t have time to make your own, try coconut aminos. They have a salty, Umami flavor similar to soy sauce with a fraction of the sodium. A tablespoon of soy sauce can contain more than 800 mg of sodium. My favorite brand is Coconut Secret, Coconut Aminos, containing 270 mg of sodium per tablespoon.

This is a considerable reduction, but still a significant amount of sodium. I use it carefully in Asian-inspired dishes that call for soy sauce when my family craves Chinese food. As always, following your doctor’s instructions on sodium intake is essential. I highly recommend coconut aminos as a lower sodium swap for soy sauce but use it with care.


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Vegetable Oil: Vegetable oil has a high smoke point, which means it can withstand the high heats that come with stir-fries without smoking. Any clear oil, like canola or peanut oil, will work but avoid dark-colored oils for stir-fry recipes.

Eggs: Eggs add a bit of protein to this recipe, but they are optional. You can leave them out if you prefer.

Grated Ginger: Fresh ginger adds a refreshing zing to this recipe. Do not use ground ginger. The flavor is not the same as fresh. Buy a knob of ginger and keep it in your freezer if you don’t use it regularly. Grate it, as needed, while it’s frozen.  

Steamed Mixed Vegetables – I buy the Season’s Choice Steamed Mixed Vegetables from Aldi because I love them, but you can use any frozen mixed vegetables. If you purchase a blend with larger cuts of vegetables, you’ll need to plan for a longer cooking time to give the larger pieces adequate time to cook.

Green Onions – I separate the white and green parts of the green onion to maximize flavor. The white parts have a sharper taste, like a regular onion. I add these to the pan with the garlic and ginger to soften their flavor. The green parts are milder and don’t stand up to high heat well, so I add them in at the end once the rice is nearly done.

White Rice – If I don’t have leftover white rice already made, I rely on instant white rice for this recipe. It cooks up quickly and easily. 

Coconut Aminos – Coconut aminos are the ingredient that gives this dish the flavor we love. Made from the nectar of the coconut plant, it’s an excellent, lower sodium substitution for soy sauce, which is extremely high in sodium. One tablespoon of soy sauce can contain more than 800 mg of sodium. Coconut aminos contain about 72% less sodium than soy sauce. It’s not a low sodium product but a lower sodium option for occasional use. A tablespoon contains 270 mg of sodium.

Sesame Oil – Sesame oil adds a wonderful, nutty flavor to this rice, and most contain zero sodium – check your label, as always.

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Large Nonstick Saute Pan or Wok

High Heat Spatula

How to Make Low Sodium Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice

Scramble the eggs in 1 tablespoon of the oil in a large, nonstick saute pan. Remove the eggs from the pan when done and set aside.

scrambled egg in saute pan

Add the remaining oil to the pan and return it to medium-high heat. Saute the garlic, ginger, and the white parts of the green onions.

onion, garlic and ginger in saute pan

Add the frozen mixed vegetables and cook, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are completely thawed and warm.

frozen vegetables in saute pan with garlic, ginger

Stir in the rice, coconut aminos, and sesame oil and cook until the rice is heated through. 

rice, frozen vegetables in saute pan

Return the scrambled eggs to the pan and add the green parts of the green onions. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, if using, and serve.

vegetable fried rice in saute pan

Substitutions and Variations 

The mixed vegetables I use are available at Aldi. It contains carrots, corn, green beans, and peas; the bag has 160 mg of sodium. You can substitute your favorite low or no-sodium frozen vegetable blend.

I typically serve this recipe as a side dish, but you can serve it with a grilled or roasted chicken breast, a piece of low sodium fish, or low sodium shrimp for a heartier meal.

Brown rice is an excellent swap for the cooked white rice in this recipe. Cook the rice according to package instructions and use it in place of the white rice.

Low Sodium Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice in a blue bowl

Low Sodium Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice FAQs  

How much sodium is in this recipe?

This recipe contains 281 mg sodium per 1¼ cup serving. It may be a splurge for some low sodium lifestylers, but if you pair it with a low sodium protein, you can enjoy a filling and tasty meal for well under 500 mg of sodium. Remember, the restaurant version can contain more than 700 mg of sodium, so this recipe is a considerable reduction.

Do I need to thaw the frozen vegetables first?

Thawing the frozen vegetables is not necessary for this recipe. You can add them directly to the pan frozen. They’ll thaw in the pan in about 7-8 minutes. If you use thawed frozen vegetables, drain any excess water before adding them to the pan. Your cooking time will be a few minutes less since the veggies aren’t completely frozen.

Can I use canned vegetables instead of frozen?

Yes, you can use canned vegetables for this recipe. Make sure they are No Salt Added canned vegetables. Traditional canned vegetables can be incredibly high in sodium. Drain the vegetables thoroughly before using them and reduce the cooking time. Once the canned vegetables are added, you only need to cook them until they’re warm. 

Low Sodium Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice on a white plate

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