Low Sodium Dairy Free Coleslaw

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Upgrade your BBQ game with this Low Sodium Dairy Free Coleslaw. It’s a crunchy, picnic-perfect alternative to mayo-based slaws. Packed with your favorite store-bought coleslaw mix and a terrifically tangy dressing, this is sure to become your new go-to recipe.

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Coleslaw is a quintessential BBQ side dish, but if you’re on a low sodium diet, the traditional mayonnaise-based sales can put a massive dent in your daily sodium allowance. One serving of regular coleslaw can contain several hundred mg of sodium.  

If you’re firing up the grill this summer, this Low Sodium Dairy Free Coleslaw is the side dish you need to round out your low sodium BBQ menu. I replaced the mayonnaise dressing with a lighter vinaigrette, which reduces the sodium content significantly – one tablespoon of store-bought mayo can contain more than 80 mg of sodium. My oil and vinegar dressing also makes this a dairy-free dish. 

Without the excess moisture mayonnaise to soften the cabbage, this slaw maintains its crunch even when it’s made ahead. The flavor intensifies the longer it’s refrigerated. I’ve made this a full day before serving, and the hearty coleslaw mix still reserves its crunch. While I may occasionally reach for regular coleslaw, this low sodium, dairy-free version has quickly become a fan favorite at our house. 


labeled ingredients for low sodium dairy free coleslaw

Coleslaw Mix: Bagged coleslaw blends of green and purple cabbage and carrots are a tasty timesaver. Use a bag of broccoli slaw for another delicious dish.

White Wine Vinegar: Vinegar gives the slaw an acidic kick. Add more or less to suit your tastes.

Honey: Mayo-based coleslaws typically include sugar to sweeten the dressing. Honey balances the acidity of the vinegar nicely.

Dijon Mustard: Mustard adds flavor and helps the oil and vinegar bind together. If you have a lower sodium grainy mustard, swap that in for added flavor and texture.

Pepper: I used white pepper because that’s what I had on hand the day I shot this recipe, but black pepper works just as well. White pepper is more finely ground and disappears when added to the slaw.


Large Bowl



How to Make Low Sodium Dairy Free Coleslaw 

You can whisk this recipe up in minutes! To start, place bagged coleslaw mix in a large bowl. Place the vinaigrette ingredients in a smaller bowl. Gradually add the olive oil while whisking, until the vinaigrette is emulsified. 

process photos of steps to make low sodium dairy free coleslaw

Pour the vinaigrette over the coleslaw and toss until the veggies are evenly coated in the dressing. 

coleslaw in white bowl with serving spoon on red, white and blue towels

Variations on a Delicious Theme

I love the simple tang white wine vinegar gives this slaw, but apple cider vinegar, sherry vinegar, or distilled white vinegar are also delicious options. 

Bagged coleslaw mixes are a huge timesaver in this recipe, but you can also make this recipe by thinly slicing a head of cabbage. You’ll need about six cups of shredded cabbage for this recipe. 

Toss in additional shredded or thinly-sliced vegetables for added crunch. Radishes, bell peppers, and red onion are excellent options.

Low Sodium Dairy Free Coleslaw FAQs 

How much sodium is in this coleslaw?

This coleslaw contains 80 mg sodium per serving. The sodium comes from the mustard and the bagged coleslaw veggies, which also contain a little sodium. Check the labels on your ingredients to ensure you’re using the lowest sodium possible.

How do I store this recipe?

Store this slaw in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days. It will begin to soften the longer it marinates.

How long can I leave this coleslaw out?

This slaw can sit at room temperature for up to 2 hours at your BBQ. After that, the USDA recommends refrigerating it to prevent bacteria growth.

What can I serve this recipe with?

Personally, I love a hotdog (lower sodium, of course) topped with coleslaw. This recipe is excellent as a side dish for all of your BBQ staples and as a side salad for your favorite main dishes year-round.

low sodium dairy free coleslaw in oval bowl on red, white and blue kitchen towel

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  1. I cannot believe it has taken me years to find you. I make a lot of low sodium dishes on my own but you have so many amazing things I’ve never tried to make low sodium. Thank you so much!

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